This bands name can be taken literally: For many years hardly anyone knew who Incognito, a jazz combo from Great Britain, actually was. This was due to a vivid fluctuation within the band’s cast. Merely founding member and bandleader Jean-Paul “Bluey” Maunick remained a constant within Incognito’s history. He not acts as composer but also as singer, guitarist and producer (“Studio-Ear of the millennium”). He manages to put the Soul-Jazz-Party Group’s secret into a nutshell: ”You can’t relate Incognito to certain faces or names because we’re not a band in the classic sense. We’ve never been a band, we’re England’s first Soul-Jazz-Collective. Everything prior to Incognito was bands.”

Incognito’s statistics are startling: From 1981 to 2003 an incredible 1400 musicians participated in Incognito! Their debut “Jazz Funk” (1981) made it into the British Top 30. In 1991 the group recorded their perhaps most famous songs: „Always There“ und „Don’t You Worry ´bout A Thing“, which are still dance floor fillers today. Incognito’s fan base grew bigger and bigger and a fancy term was born to describe their edgy Neo-Funk: Acid Jazz.

In the meantime Jean Paul “Bluey” Maunick launched his own record label – true to his and Incognito’s aesthetic principles: „Our motto is to feed your soul rather than your stomach!“ In line with this philosophy several records have been released since then: “Adventures In Black Sunshine”(2004), “Eleven”(2005), “Bees + Flowers + Things” (2006), as well as “Tales from the Beach” (2008) and “Transatlantic R.P.M.” (2010).

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