Jonas Herpichböhms Ohropack


Date: 14th July 2012 
Stage Time: 4.30 pm 

Ohropack …

… is a sextet from Mannheim, who have met at the local conservatoire. Jonas Herpichböhm (percussions), his brother Tilman Herpichböhm (drums), Niko Seibold (saxophone), Janis Hug (trumpet), Konrad Blasberg (standup bass), and Konrad Hinsken (piano) present finest modern-jazz with a subtle sense of humor. Their musical influences range from classical music over bepop to pop. It is that kind of mixture that gives their instrumental pieces that certain Ohropack-Sound. “I write our music right out of my ear“ explains Jonas on the band’s homepage. Out of the composer’s ear straight back into the listener’s ears, that’s what their smooth and virtuosic sound is all about.

You can see a short Video about the Making of of their latest Album by clicking the Picture!

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